The Irregulars – who are we?

The Rotorua Irregulars are a sub-group of the Rotorua Wargames Club. We are the historical players who seldom seem to find the time to organise ourselves to get down to the games day held in town twice a month.  As such, we try to meet monthly at John’s house when as many members as possible are available. This way, hopefully, we see a bit more regular gaming.

The core members are: John Norton, Chris Shorthall, Nathan Ward, Terry Oldham and Paul Whittaker. We are open to any other gamers to join in, there are no fees or membership rosters. Just drop us a line and come along and play.

Our periods:

First and foremost we play Flames of War – 15mm World War Two. The club has armies for all of the major nations and can provide everything someone needs if they wish to come and play.

We also have armies for:15mm Napoleonics (French, British, Austrian, Russian, Saxon, Polish), 15mm Ancients (Greeks,Persians, Gauls, Romans) 15mm Renaissance (Poles, Swedes), 28mm English Civil War, 28mm Vikings, 28mm Arthurian, 15mm Marlburians, 15mm Yom Kippur War (Israeli, Egyptian), 28mm World War One (British and German) and Two (German, US and Soviet), 28mm Star Wars (Clone Wars), 15mm Afghanistan (British and Taliban), 28mm NZ Wars, 15mm American Civil War.

In the works with different club members are 15mm American War of Independence armies, Seven Years War armies, and World War Two Japanese and 28mm Napoleonics.


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Games Night 5th April 2013

I’m aware that we haven’t been posting a lot of games here, but that is almost entirely due to not having a camera to take pictures (oh, alright, I’m a bit lazy as well). But we have been meeting at least once a month and playing a lot of games – mostly Flames of War. Last night I remembered my camera and it was a night of some diversity in our games, so here is a snapshot:


First up is the four player assault on Normandy Flames of War game. John as British Commandos, Chris as US, and Terry and Adam playing the German defenders.

British assault

US assault

It was a close game. John had everything on the beach very quickly, but Chris kept being delayed. The end result was that John managed to destroy all the bunkers in front of him but had nothing left to take the objective. Chris cleared a path through the beach and into the green fields beyond, but by then the game had been lost. A narrow German victory that Herr Terry is relishing!

Epic 40K game

Shane, Jeremy, Richard and Connor played a game of Epic 40,000. Space Marines vs Orks and the Marines came out on top.

X Wing

Nathan and Connor played X Wing for the first time and found that it is as much fun as it is cracked up to be. One win to the Empire and one to the Rebels.

Arab Israeli game 2

Nathan also spent some time playtesting the tweaked lists for the Yom Kippur variant of Flames of War. The new armour ratings and points seemed to work quite well and create quite a bit of balance. You get 7 T-55s for 3 M48A4s or 3 Sh’ot Cals. So I did a one on one with these lists and had two decisive victories to the Israelis and one victory to the Egyptians. The upgrades to the Egyptian armour gave them much more chance than they previously had – just don’t try charging forward in the open (and yes, this is something that the Egyptians did on at least a couple of occasions in the real war).


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NDC Wargames

It has been a few weeks since these games were played but things are still pretty hectic and blogging has taken a definite back-seat to everything else that is going on.

There were two games played with Paul, Terry, Shane and Jeremy playing a Flames of War Desert Encounter and John and I playing a Contemptible Little Armies World War One game.

The Great War battle was a trenchline slog with the Brits assaulting the German lines. It had been a while since we had played CLA, and it was some time into the game before we found our rhythm. The game is very simple, but for the sake of  ease of play we didn’t include any off-table barrages. That was a bit of a mistake for the poor old Brits.

The first part of the British assault was a failure, but the German counterattacks were just as bad, and…

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NDC Wargames

Last night we played another Star Wars game, but this time using the FUBAR rules that had been recommended to me by John Leahy on TMP.  A scenario was written up, and I just guessed what would be balanced forces, I didn’t try to use the points system that is also available on the page. In the end, it was a pretty good guess.

The scenario was as follows:

Pelagios 9 is secret research facility set up by the Republic. It is so confidential that only the Supreme Chancellor knows its true purpose. Despite this, the Separatist leaders have somehow found out about it and are preparing to make a raid in order to capture the scientist Cham Zharr (seen above  – he’s the Nikto with the Mon Calamari bodyguard).

In the vicinity of Pelagios 9 are Anakin Skywalker and his padawan Ahsoka Tano with a platoon of Clone troopers…

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Games night 20 July

This month we ran another mini tournament of Flames of War. It consisted of 800 point early war forces from the Blitzkreig book played on 4′ x 4′ tables. Each game was timed for one hour and there were three games in all. The lists were drawn up prior to the game and then rolled at random to see which armies people got. We had a British Armoured Company (John), a British Motor Company(Heath), and a French Cavalry Company (Chris) versus A German Schutzen Company( Brad and Adam) a Mittliere Panzer Company (Terry) and a Czech Panzer Company (Nathan).

The games featured three objectives placed on the centre line of the table and the idea was to take and hold these objectives. An objective was held if the hour ended and you had troops within 10 cm of it and no enemy within 15cm. This was worth 1 point. Every enemy platoon destroyed was also worth 1 point.

There were four tables and everyone was rostered to fight a different opponenet and nobody played on the same table twice. Each table had different challenges. One had bocage, one had a heavily built up area, one had a river running through the middle of it and one was open.

The eventual results were:

John – 14 points

Nathan – 6 points

Brad and Adam – 5 points

Chris – 4 points

Heath – 2 points

Terry – 0 points.

Overall the Allies were victorious and the Blitzkrieg was stopped.

It was the first time that Terry or I had played against the British Armoured Regiment and we were both wiped out within the hour. I can see why people have complained that the points for the BAR, even though they are amended, are still broken! Nasty, nasty list.

Last month’s games night was a mini-tournament in the same style using the Late War lists, and it had been a lot of fun too. We will definitely do it again.

It was Adam’s first trip to the games night and he had never played Flames of War before. Brad is up from Taranaki and visiting Heath but had not played FoW since first edition. So we put them together and voila – they came third! Well done guys.

Sorry no photos – I forgot my camera and even though there was one handy, no one got around to taking any pics – we all too busy having fun.

Next month’s games night is Friday 17th August.


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NDC Wargames

John has gone to India for work for three weeks, so before he went we quickly organised a game at his place. It turned out to be only myself, John and Terry in the end, with 3000 points a side on an 8′ x 4′ table.  the plan was to have Chris there as well, and everyone would bring a 1500 point force – John and Chris would provide the allies and Terry and I the Germans. Then we would randomly draw for which army we played with. But Chris had the flu, so we ended up with John and I taking the allies against Terry with all of the Germans.

The scenario saw a British armoured regiment coming to the relief of a Para company, and was the first time I have ever played bocage. If I had known at the start of the game what I know now…

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NDC Wargames

On Friday night I was able to head out to John’s for games night, and was joined by Chris, Terry, Paul and Jordan. That was good because it meant that we had even numbers to play with. We paired off with Terry and Chris playing Afrika Korps vs Kiwis and Paul and Jordan playing Afrika Korps vs British armour. John and I decided to have a game of Napoleonics using Black Powder, as we hadn’t played either of these things in several months.

The Battlefield looking down towards the French ourtflanking movement after Turn One – John has already turned his line to face the threat. Grrr!

John set his British up on a ridge in Spain somewhere, preparing for a French attack. I decided that it was folly to simply assault the ridge head on, and brought the French on in two wings. I would contest the church with…

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NDC Wargames

As promised here is a brief report on the two Flames of War games played by the Irregulars last Friday.

First up are John and Terry with two scenarios taken from the Hellfire and Back and Burning Empires books.  The first saw Terry’s Afrika Korps defending a fortified position in a Witch’s Cauldron. Despite the odds appearing to be in John’s favour several times, Terry defended the objectives well.  I didn’t see too much of this game as I was setting up the 28mm table at this stage, but there was much laughter coming from that direction:

Above: the end of the game with John’s tanks contesting the objective – but not claiming it!

The Maori advance over the hill

Afrika Korps infantry run back to their fortifications, effectively stopping the British from claiming the objective.

After this game they decided to play out a raid scenario from Burning Empires…

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